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Lease a profitable hotel or resort with help from Servamas Hospitality. We have hotels and resorts throughout India, including popular tourist destinations andregional areas.

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18 years of experience

With over eighteen years of experience, Servamas Hospitality can offer unrivalled services to you when it comes to leasing a property.

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When considering to lease or buy a hotel or resort, you require a broker whose honesty, integrity and experience is beyond compare.

The future of real estate

The team at Servamas Hospitality is more than equipped to assist you with profitable hotel and resort lease/purchase at every step.

Are you looking to lease or buy a hotel or resort? Servamas Hospitality is specialist when it comes to offering prime and profitable tourism properties across India. We have an extensive list to choose from.​

Hotels and resorts are a staple service within the tourism and hospitality industry, not only in cities but also rural areas. We can work with you to help you find the perfect property for lease and sale, just call us and you will be put through to one of our professional hotel experts.​

We have years of experience in the hotel industry and are confident we can help you find the right hotel that meets your budget and business requirements.​

Investing in hotels is a smart choice financially because the tourism industry in India is booming stronger than ever and is only expected to rise further. Why not become a part of a growth industry like tourism? You can not only achieve great
return on investment, but also have the opportunity to work in an exciting industry where you will meet interesting people from all walks of life.​

With high demand for hotels and resorts in popular tourist destinations in India, we can help you be a part of it all. Work with us to find the best opportunity that could set you up for life.​

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